Detox Diet Kit-For Private Circulation Only

  • Classical Ayurvedic Medicines helps in detoxification of kidney, liver , intestines
  • Reduces pain in the body
  • Energy levels are high throughout the day
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How to use. : 10 gms of powder fry in ghee oil , add one liter of water, let it cook , its consistency will be like Laapshi. Eat it throughout  the day, you can freshly prepare it have it. Also give tadka of curry leaves, ginger , add salt to taste. Only this you have to consume throughout the day

Day 1 Mand , Day 2 Peya , Day 3 Vilepi

Day 4 – Have fruits and vegetables of your choice

Day 5 Mand, Day 6 Peya , Day 7 Vilepi

8th day onwards have Lunch of your choice  for dinner have any of these 3 only.


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