Antidandruff Hair Oil-For Private Circulation Only

Used in the treatment of:

  • 100 ml bottle
  • Dandruff on scalp
  • Dandruff on body
  • Psoriatic Infections
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The presence of dandruff in your scalp restricts hair from getting proper nourishment. Our Anti dandruff oil will be a real saviour, because it gives intense hair treatment to control dandruff. The ingredients used in the oil has the ability to fight against dandruff and scalp issues . It also provides the nutrients for hair to grow healthy and dandruff free.So, it’s time to fix your hair problems with our anti dandruff oil.

Ingredients :  Neem , Fenugreek, Amla , Coconut oil, Castor oil

How to use :

Apply on the scalp directly and then do gentle massage


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